Adriana de Barros is a Portuguese-Canadian writer, photographer and filmmaker. Currently dividing her time between Lisbon and San Francisco.

She's created successful projects over the course of 20 years in the fields of art, illustration, graphic design, fashion and web. From launching her own branded clothing stores to founding Scene360 arts magazine in 2000, which the latter attracted over 60 million readers and a social media following of 5 million viewers. Scene360 has received numerous awards including an “Oscar of the Web” / The Webby Award in 2015. The magazine’s goal has been to feature the best creative talents in different fields from painting to cinema, yet it is known for its specialization in modern tattoo art.

As a writer, photographer and filmmaker, de Barros travels Europe and North America to document tattoo conventions and studios. She has interviewed renowned tattooists such as Ami James, Tommy Montoya, Ryan Ashley Malarkey, Carlos Torres, Nikko Hurtado, Chaim Machlev, Mo Ganji, Gakkin, and many others.

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